Mobile iOS App Developers: Here’s Why You Must Use Facebook’s Native Share Dialog!

If you are a mobile iOS app developer looking to maximize your referral channels, you have got to take advantage of Facebook’s new feature called “Native Share Dialog”, that makes sharing dialog as easy as a one-line code.

You see,  just this past Monday, Facebook publicly announced the availability of the native Share Dialog for iOS apps. You can read all about it here.  We at AppAddictive were privy to this feature when Facebook hosted an invite-only event for mobile developers.

This means that if a user is logged into his Facebook iOS app,  iOS apps no longer need to request the user to login with a Facebook account in order to share. If you click on a “Like” button on any web site, it also does not require you to login again via Facebook (if you are already logged into in your browser.  Just as the “Like” button became ubiquitous and made it easy for web sites to get referral marketing, the native “share dialog” will make it easier for iOS apps to get referral channels going.


 From the Facebook page:

“The Share Dialog offers a lightweight and consistent way to enable sharing from your apps. People now have the option to share activity from apps through this dialog without needing to login to Facebook first. This eliminates 1 – 3 extra steps required for login when sharing via the feed dialog.

The Share Dialog further improves upon the iOS6 share sheet by adding support for publishing Open Graph actions to make it easier for people to tell their stories on mobile. In addition, people can now tag friends and share where they are enabling them to share in a more meaningful and engaging way, while helping even more people connect with your app.”

Back in the old days, I took advantage of every new announcement of Facebook and built an app that reached a monthly active user base of 10 million users.  All of it while I was doing it on weekends only.

If I am doing it all over again as a developer, I will build a mobile iOS app that uses this native Share dialog and engage with Facebook’s 750 million plus audience!


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